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Recent Posts

six lease agreements featured

Six Lease Agreement Amendments to Make Airbnb Work for You (Not Just Your Tenants)

Some landlords are trying to avoid conflict with tenants over STRs. We consulted with real estate lawyers to create six amendments to include in your leases.

micro apartments featured

Why Property Owners Should Consider Micro-Apartments

With micro-apartments, property managers in densely-populated cities have the opportunity to convert units into micro-units, yielding more rentals in your portfolio.

Mobile leasing featured

Mobile Leasing: The Future or More of the Same?

Things are changing for tenants of high-end apartment communities; while searching for a place, expect to be courted with apps and mobile-friendly websites.

craigslist featured

Winning & Losing Craigslist Ads

Maximizing the value of your property’s Craigslist ad can attract more tenants, and save over time in advertising costs (vacancy equals loss of income).

curb appeal featured

Curb Appeal Case Study: Finding Value in the Crafty and Eccentric

Basic curb appeal improvements should be done when preparing any property for rental. But beyond the usual, what are some additional ways to enhance curb appeal?

occupant behavior featured

Occupant Behavior: Five Keys to Meeting Environmental Performance Goals

Methods and strategies to boost tenant compliance in LEED and energy-efficient facilities must become an integral part of green building.

expert lead management featured

Expert Round Table Series – Best Practices for Lead Management

We interviewed three experts in the multifamily housing market to learn about the technologies and procedures they use for successful lead management.